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Huge profits and passive income !

The system is currently being updated! KUAILIAN 2.0

  • It works according to the KUAILIAN STAKING principle. Of the amounts paid, MASTER NODEs and provides a digital authentication service.
  •  KUAILIAN has been operating for more than two years, the results speak for themselves.
  •  With more than 50,000 customers, the company will begin international expansion on November 14, 2020.
  • The investor can purchase SPUs, an SPU = $ 100 of the purchased SPU will be implemented in a Master-Node within 14 days and then start production.
  • The investor can be the first to invest in a low-risk fund (MS-SPU). You can buy HR-SPU, a minimum of $ 2,000 MS-SPU, and an ELIT package in a 2: 1 ratio after paying into the high-risk fund. HR-SPU has higher interest rates.
  • The return is paid weekly to the client’s own TRON account. Payment will be made in ETHEREUM, payment will be made in TRON TRC20 USDT.
  • – The amount paid can be requested after 183 days.





Started: 2018

Investment through the crypto Ethereum system.

Type: Smart contract

Currency crypto: ETH, TRON – USDT

Minimum investment: 100 $ USD ETH

Perido time: 183 Days

The return per year: ~ ?%

Yield payment: weekly TRON-USDT

Referral system: HIGH, Lot of Bonus

Kuailian pool
tronlink pro
TronLink pro - For payment

Network: Tron – TRC20

Use: Mobile – Chrome

BONUS: Register with the referral link, and use the 3MYA invitation code to get 300 points in your TronLink  Pro wallet!

To get the 300 points need, open the app, click the “My” button in the bottom right corner, click “Friend Invitation”, then “Claim Rewards” in the top right corner, and add the 3MYA code. You will not receive points if you do not enter the code “3MYA

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Annual subscriptions

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Kuailian Wallet

Kuailian’s own wallet.

kuailian wallet

Kuailian Registration Link:

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