High Profits and Passive Income!

D.AI.SY ENDOTECH is a Dubai-based company with over 3 years of operation and a verifiable background. They specialize in Artificial Intelligence trading and development, being among the pioneers in the field.
Anyone can access the project, and they increase your invested capital through Forex trading with compound interest.
Compound interest: Profits are added to your capital every day.
You can withdraw profits as you wish every week.
Based on past results, you can expect annual profits of 200-500%.
The project operates on the Tron TRC20 cryptocurrency network, and both deposits and withdrawals are made with cryptocurrency.

You can choose from two types of packages:
Crypto: They trade on cryptocurrency exchanges. (Not available)
Forex: They trade on traditional stock exchanges. (Recommended for high daily profits.)

D.AI.SY Presentation

D.AI.SY Forex Profit

Compound interest: Profits are added to your capital every day.


You can purchase packages in USDT.
Once you’ve bought your desired package, you can buy more of the same package in unlimited quantities.
70% of the package goes into trading, and 30% is deducted.


Registration Link:



A Tron Wallet is required! To register: 700 TRX and 100 USDT are needed.

MOBILE: Access your Tron Wallet, then click „Discover, Browser” at the bottom, and paste the Registration Link at the top.
Windows: After logging into the Chrome Extension Tron Wallet, paste the Registration Link into your browser.

DO NOT use uppercase letters for your username! DO NOT include spaces in your username!

During registration, a $100 forex package will be paid.

Be patient during each step; it can take several minutes for them to load. When prompted for a password, always enter your Tron Wallet password.

Always keep TRX in your Tron Wallet because the TRON system deducts TRX for every operation.

Required per Transaction: 700 TRX for Registration, 500 TRX for TIER Purchase!


Do NOT check the box during registration, as it will result in losing compound interest!!!

DAISY V2 Registration


Access the D.AI.SY interface through your Tron Wallet.
Deposit the price of the package you want to buy in USDT.
You must have a minimum of 500 TRX in your Tron Wallet for network fees.


Access the D.AI.SY interface through your Tron Wallet.
Set the slider to indicate how much you want to withdraw.
When withdrawing profits, a 30% (soon to be only 20%) Platform Fee and a $10 network fee will be deducted.
Withdrawals can be initiated from Friday to Sunday.
If you do not withdraw, the company will deduct its 30% share from the profits earned in that half-year.

Crypto 200 IQ Project Audit:

The D.AI.SY project complies with all our strict checks. It is operated by a real and reliable team, and we have not found any signs of fraud.

Crypto 200 IQ Index: Low Risk

Crypto 200 IQ Audit Picture Black

Project Advantages:

Reliable team.
High returns.
Capital withdrawal (Coming soon)

Project Disadvantages:

Requires cryptocurrency knowledge.
High transaction fees.


Registration Link:



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