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Huge profits and passive income !


  • D.AI.SY Started! 2021 – NOT TO BE MISSED !
  • A smart contract on a blockchain that is not controlled by a company or individual.
  • A model that provides profits, equity and income to all members.
  • Essentially, an artificial intelligence trades in the stock market and you get your share of the profits. After the packages, you will also receive Shares later, which you can sell later or receive a dividend. 
  • After registering with the referral link, you will be added to spillover team and you will automatically receive many team bonuses.
  • If you do not participate in the referral plan, you can still expect a 100-900+% profit.
  • Deposit in crypto TRON USDT (TRC20) coins. You get the profit in crypto TRON USDT (TRC20) coins.
  • Daily payment.
  • Buy the packages through Tron’s wallet, after which a high return is expected. People will automatically enter you, after which you will receive bonuses.


– D.AI.SY DEFI ecosystem, and DEFI Launchpads – launch of various DEFI projects and members get a share of them!



A smart contract on a blockchain.

Currently crypto: TRON – USDT

Minimum investment: $ 100 USD

Period time: N/A

The return per year: ~100-900+%

Yield payment: daily

Refferal system: HIGH Lot of Bonus


Use: Chrome – iOS – Android

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TronLink Pro - Tron TRX Wallet

Tron – TRX walllet Mobile and Browser, and can synchronize.

Compatible with D.AI.SY surface.

BONUS: Register with the referral link, and use the 3MYA invitation code to get 300 points in your TronLink  Pro wallet!

To get the 300 points need, open the app, click the “My” button in the bottom right corner, click “Friend Invitation”, then “Claim Rewards” in the top right corner, and add the 3MYA code. You will not receive points if you do not enter the code “3MYA

Install TronLink Pro

Sign up in DAISY:

TronLink pro wallet only. ONLY this wallet will be recognized by the system.

1. MOBILE: Enter the TronLink pro wallet then the “Discover” menu at the bottom and copy the Referral Link at the top.

 Windows: Chrome Extension TronLink pro login, then copy the Referral Link into your browser.

2. DO NOT capitalize your username. NO SPACE after the username.

3. The wallet address: fills in automatically.

4. The first $ 100 package in TRON USDT will be paid during registration. When prompted for a password, you must always enter the code for your TronLink pro Wallet.

5. If you have successfully registered for the next login you can log in at this link: https://daisy.global

6. Be patient with each step It can take several minutes for the steps to fill up.  When requesting the password, you must always enter the password of your TronLink pro Wallet.

7. Always have TRON TRX in your TronLink Pro wallet because the TRON system deducts TRX for every operation.

8. Required: 150 TRX / Transaction!

D.AI.SY Registration!

D.AI.SY Spillover Referral Link:


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What is D.AI.SY?

• An Equity Crowd Funding model for financial technologies. 

• A decentralized smart contract, not a company. 

• A model where everyone can win, with profits, equity, and income. 

• Currently crowd funding Endotech for the Daisy AI Project. 

• Contributors receive exclusive stock equity and profit rewards.

What is d.ai.sy AI?

• Decentralized AI System being developed by Endotech. 

• Daisy AI is the next generation of AI trading. 

• Daisy AI will significantly multiply the current AI performance. 

• Daisy AI is the 1st project capitalized by Daisy Crowd Fund. 

• Daisy AI receives $10M for Development from referral plan. 

• Target for live Daisy AI trading account is $500M (Daisy Fund). 

• Daisy AI is Endotech’s path to becoming a public company.

Who is Endotech?

• The 1st technology partner for Daisy Crowd Fund. 

• Global Fintech company specializing in AI trading systems. 

• Roadmap to complete Daisy AI and be publicly traded in 2022. 

• Currently providing AI trading systems for top financial institutions. 

• Proven track record of high-performance results. 

• Founded by Dr. Anna Becker, operated by top AI Scientists.

Rewards for cuntributors

• Up to 10 Crowd Funding Tiers to choose from starting at just $100. 

• Every contributor gets their equal share of 5% Endotech stock. 

• 50% to 70% of each contribution is used in trading for development. 

• 70% of the trading profits are rewarded back to the contributor. 

• 15% of the trading profit are rewarded to the residual referral plan. 

• Contributors can withdraw trading rewards at anytime. 

• All members are able to participate in the Daisy referral plan. 

• Referral plan pays out up to 46% of each Crowdfund package.

Why TRON blockchain?

• Allows automated interaction between members and Daisy.

• Removes the need for a company to be in control.

• Allows all promises to be executed instantly with 100% transparency.

• Tron blockchain is among the fastest and most scalable.

• Low gas fees allow for high performing smart contracts at low cost.

• Tron is a top emerging Decentralized App platform with a big future.


If you don’t build a team, you’ll still get a lot of spillover bonuses !

D.AI.SY Spillover Referral Link:


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