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The best and simplest NFT project.

You can join the project by purchasing Ai Monkey NFTs and Ai Monkey VIP NFTs. The amounts deposited are collected by the Ai Monkey NFT team, and with their high financial and technological expertise, they generate profits that are distributed to Ai Monkey NFT owners every month. The profit comes in cryptocurrencies and is immediately sent to your wallet. There is no time limit, and the capital can also be withdrawn by selling the NFTs.

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Ai Monkey NFTs can be purchased on the largest and most secure NFT markets. The NFTs are available on the affordable Polygon Matic network, primarily for USDC, but they can also be purchased with a credit card on the OpenSea marketplace.
Ai Monkey NFT Tottal Supply: 1000
Ai Monkey VIP NFT Tottal Supply: N/A

Ai Monkey NFT Collection

Passive Income

Profits are distributed automatically to the wallets of all NFT owners at the beginning of each month, evenly. Those who purchase at least 3 Ai Monkey NFTs gain access to Ai Monkey VIP NFTs and can sell them to other participants first.



NFT owners have the power to control the project and have voting rights on important matters.
NFT owners will also receive additional airdrops, such as Ai Monkey Tokens and additional NFTs in the future.
In the future, NFT owners will have access to profit-generating tools.

Additional Information

There are 1000 Ai Monkey NFTs available. The sale of Ai Monkey NFTs will start after the sale of Ai Monkey VIP NFTs. Only those who own at least 3 Ai Monkey NFTs can purchase Ai Monkey VIP NFTs from the team, and they can further resell them to others for additional profits.

Crypto 200 IQ Project Audit:

The Ai Monkey NFT project meets all our strict criteria. It is operated by a real and reliable team, and we have found no signs of any scams.

Crypto 200 IQ Index: Low Risk

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Project Advantages:

Easy to use.

Low network fees.

Reliable team.

Automatic payout of rewards.

Capital withdrawal.

High yield.

Project Disadvantage:

Minimal crypto knowledge required.

Installing Metamask

Buying cryptocurrency with Metamask

Exchanging cryptocurrency with Metamask

Buying NFTs on OpenSea

We recommend purchasing cryptocurrency through a cryptocurrency exchange and then sending it to your wallet.

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